Clever Logistics Combinations

For any logistical blue print, first and foremost task always includes distance. Shorter the better have always been the mantra, be it road or rail network. In order to cut short on costs following are the two fundamental combined transport forms piggyback transport and container transport used.


Combined transport is an efficient way of linking different transportation means to simplify goods loading and transportation. Such arrangement helps in efficient and environmentally sound shipment of huge catches of goods.

For long distance transport trains and ships are used for carrying goods which is the Main leg and then in Subsequent Leg Local shipping and freight functions come into play. 


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Logistics Success Story

For 5000 years logistics is enabling continuous global development. Be it construction of pyramids or the beautiful Taj mehal logistical marvels are evident in the shape materials used in them which belong to far flung areas. And now Sea cargo containers and novel service augurs human achievement of making this world accessible for its inhabitants.



Around 2700 B.C.: Pyramid of Giza. Logistical marvel

At a height of 146 meters and weighing 6 million tons, Great Pyramid of Giza augurs great Egyptian engineers thought process that even today archeologists are unable to comprehend how did this happened, even modern day equipment might not be able to achieve what Egyptian did with only the slaves.





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Efficient Logistics Movement from Place to Place

Imaginative people always came up with solutions, which laid cornerstones for predecessors to follow and formulation of business empires. Be it a small idea of Vietnam veteran Frederick W. Smith which resulted in formation of Fed Ex keeping in view huge logistical marvel USA demonstrated during Vietnam War. Or be it Jules Verne’s novel” around the world in 80 days” hero Philae’s Fogg who manages the impossible for his time period through effective logistical arrangements. 

Today, solving the transport problem is a central task of logistics in shipping a good from one place to another.

The Transport Chain as Solution to Transport Problems
Generically we consider transportation a mean for transferring goods from one end to other using different means. That can be further segregated into Internal and external transportation. Now Transportation of good through production line or different departments in a factory...

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What is RORO vessel

Roll-on/roll-off (RORO or ro-ro) ships are vessels designed to carry wheeled cargo such as automobiles, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers or railroad cars that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels. This is in contrast to lo-lo (lift-on/lift-off) vessels which use a crane to load and unload cargo.


Various types of RORO vessels include ferries, cruiseferries, cargo ships, and barges. New automobiles that are transported by ship are often moved on a large type of RORO called a Pure Car Carrier (PCC) or Pure Car Truck Carrier (PCTC).

Elsewhere in the shipping industry cargo is normally measured by the metric tonne, but RORO cargo is typically measured in units of 'lanes in metres' (LIMs). This is calculated by multiplying cargo length in metres by the number of decks and by its width in lanes (lane width differs from vessel to vessel and there are several industry standards). Aboard PCCs cargo capacity is often measured in RT...

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Trimming Your Transportation Spend

Transportation costs run high, but cutting your spend might be more feasible than you think.

By Lisa Terry

Transportation spending is a perennial target of budget-cutting exercises, and a large, multi-faceted cost center for many companies; some may spend three to six percent of their materials costs on transportation. Seizing control of freight spend can improve operating income by five to 10 percent, and boost stock prices by 10 to 20 percent, according to an Accenture study, From a Shipper's Market to a Carrier's Market.

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True cost of restructure means Damco is the new black sheep of the Maersk family

By Mike Wackett

02.28.2014 · Posted in Loadstar posts


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